ALIVE cosmetics is an online natural product shop, promoting and selling handmade, active cosmetics and skincare products. We carefully source suppliers and receive orders from all over the world.


To curate and offer handmade, bioactive, natural cosmetics and skincare products that are truly effective and bring a sense of joy and pleasure to our customers.


Our vision is to bring healthy, radiant skin to the world through our one-stop shop for raw, real, and all-natural cosmetics.



We do not believe that there are any industrial cosmetic "masterpieces" better than fresh, high quality, cold-pressed, unrefined plant ingredients. All our products are handmade, pure, and most of them RAW.


We believe in the power of real, fresh, holistic skincare. Our products lead to radiant and healthy skin that you can actually see and feel.


We believe that taking care of your skin should be a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Your beauty regimen should refresh your mind, body, and soul.


We believe that skincare is a highly personal and intimate experience. Our products are certified in their country of origin, ensuring that you are using high-quality products that you can trust.



We call these cosmetics "alive" because they contain the most vital, active parts of the plants. As an ingredient for cosmetic use, a plant undergoes only one physical transformation: oil, for example, is extracted by press; a hydrolat (flower water) or essential oil is distilled by water or steam. This means that the plant has undergone just one transformation, without any of the damaging effects of machines, blenders, or chemical agents. And it means that all the plant's vital ingredients and valuable bioactive substances remain active and unharmed.


The ingredients of alive and natural cosmetics are unrefined, cold-pressed seed and nut oils, distilled flower waters (hydrolats), and extracts - pure live botanical materials, full of valuable bioactive substances. They are characterized by a distinctive texture, colour, and smell. A natural hydrolat is composed of water-soluble aromatic and bioactive substances and a small amount of the plant's essential oil. Unlike refined oils, natural cold-pressed, unrefined oils retain a variety of acids, including essential fatty acids, omega -3 and omega -6, as well as vitamins A , D , E, K, and anti-inflammatory substances. The fatty component of natural unrefined oils is closest to the skin's own natural fat (sebum), which makes it especially well-absorbed. 


Hydrolats and natural oils can be used separately, such as washing with flower water, or moisturising with a few drops of pure oil. However, when put together carefully they create a synergy, complementing each other to become especially effective. Every single ingredient has an active therapeutic value, and the added benefit of aroma therapeutic properties turns the skincare ritual into an indulgent experience to enjoy every time. 



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We have developed a fair scheme for both - trade of the products and use of the studio/salon.