The two most crucial, essential products that will work magic to treat your acne skin. Start this natural skincare routine, and you will be delighted with the results.


1. Simple, yet miraculous RHASSOUL CLAY-WASH


Rhassoul is an extraordinary mineral rich clay, excellent for cleansing, detoxifying of the skin. Rhassoul (also known as Ghassoul or Rasul) is a lava clay found deep under the Atlas Mountains in Morroco. Translated from Arabic, Rhassoul means 'the matter that washes'. Due to its saponin content, it has been used since Ancient times as a cleanser, shampoo and skin conditioner. With regular use, rhassoul can reduce skin dryness and flakiness. Whilst most clays would draw toxins from under the skin, rhassoul is fantastic at not only removing impurities, excess oils and bacteria from the skin but also at replacing them with valuable minerals. Because of this, it is often offered as a skin & hair treatment at spas worldwide. For facial use, simply mix 1-2 tsp with equal quantity of warm water, leave for two minutes, massage then gently on your skin and rinse off.



2. Face OIL 'ACNE SKIN'. 


This emulsion is intended for complicated skin, plagued by acne - pimples, clogged pores, inflammations and scars on face, neck, chest or back. Recommended for teenagers, young people and adults.

Composition: the emulsion does not contain any pore clogging and pimple inducing ingredients (wax, emulsifiers, binders, mineral oils, preservatives, synthetic substances or so called "green chemicals"); it is composed solely from plant extracts: rosemary hydrolate, aloe extract, unrefined cold-pressed oils (foraha (tamanu) and rose hip seed oil) and a composition of natural essential oils.

Properties: decreases acne formation, helps to balance skin functions and does not dry the skin:

• cleans pores - dissolves accummulated fat and eases its removal;
• reduces red zones of inflammation around pimples;
• moistens and tones;
• supplies skin with nutrients;
• evens colour of the skin;
• reduces scar risks or existing scar marks;
• easily absorbed;
• has a strong but pleasant aroma.



In addition:


- little bowl for mixing the clay 

- spatula(s)


- surprise

Anti-Acne: The Magic 2

  • Ingredients:

    Rhassoul clay: fine Rhassoul powder, 100 ml.

    Anti-Acne emulsion: Rosemary water, Foraha oil *, Rosehip Seed Oil *, Jojoba oil *, Soya germ extract *, Aloe extract *, Roman chamomile essential oil, Petitgrain essential oil *, Niaouli essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Rosemary extract *.

    * – Organic ingredients