Champa flowers in apricot kernel oil.

The extract, the maceration of Champa blossom in cold-pressed apricot kernel oils has the scent of jasmine, neroli, yang ylang and tea rose, enriched with a light note of marzipan from apricot kernel. The Champa elixir and scent is truly exceptional and very well liked; it lifts up the mood and gives a sensation of warmth.

The elixir possesses a lot of antioxidants and is an intensive care product, suitable as a face cream, hair mask, body and massage oil and aromaterapeutic substance.

Elixir CHAMPA - 15 ml

  • Ingredients: unrefined cold-pressed Apricot kernel oil, Michelia Champaca flower extract. Elixirs have a greater concentration of plant extracts, because the process of maceration in marula or jojoba oils lasts up to 40 days, and herbs are swapped almost every day. Elixirs are true masterpieces, renowned for their incredible properties and unprecedented purity and perfection of fragrance.