This emulsion is intended for complicated skin, plagued by acne - pimples, clogged pores, inflammations and scars on face, neck, chest or back. Recommended for teenagers, young people and adults.

Composition: the emulsion does not contain any pore clogging and pimple inducing ingredients (wax, emulsifiers, binders, mineral oils, preservatives, synthetic substances or so called "green chemicals"); it is composed solely from plant extracts: rosemary hydrolate, aloe extract, unrefined cold-pressed oils (foraha (tamanu) and rose hip seed oil) and a composition of natural essential oils.

Properties: decreases acne formation, helps to balance skin functions and does not dry the skin:

• cleans pores - dissolves accummulated fat and eases its removal;
• reduces red zones of inflammation around pimples;
• moistens and tones;
• supplies skin with nutrients;
• evens colour of the skin;
• reduces scar risks or existing scar marks;
• easily absorbed;
• has pleasant aroma.

Manufactured using cold-press method, never exposed to heat, therefore has a high concentration of valuable and environment sensitive bioactive substances and energy of the plants. It is a great natural skincare product for acne.

Application: shake well before using, then apply several drops on the moistened skin.

Emulsion ACNE SKIN - 30 ml

  • Ingredients: Rosemary water, Foraha oil *, Rosehip Seed Oil *, Jojoba oil *, Soya germ extract *, Aloe extract *, Roman chamomile essential oil, Petitgrain essential oil *, Niaouli essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Rosemary extract *. * – Organic ingredients