Rich & nourishing eye area cream with organic rose water, virgin shea butter, eyebright infused olive oil, aloe vera, avocado & unrefined rosehip seeds oils.

* Unrefined Avocado Oil is ultra rich and is a delightful treasure containing high amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, D, and E. Also contains amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin, and other essential fatty acids;
* Virgin cold-pressed olive oil is loaded with Vitamins A, B, and E and antioxidants; 
* Virgin African Shea Butter is an excellent moisturiser & emollient for hard, dry or damaged skin, as it keeps the skin healthy & smooth. Virgin shea butter is rich in vitamins A & E, and is excellent for wrinkles (smoothing & prevention). 
* Unrefined Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Moschata) is extremely hydrating to the skin as it is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E all oils in high concentration & fatty acids. Rosehip seed oil contains vitamin A, which helps to delay the effects of skin aging, assists with cell regeneration, and promotes collagen and elastin levels to increase. Wonderful for use around the eyes, and for reducing scarred tissue.

Eye area cream ROSE & SHEA - 15 ml

  • Ingredients: organic rose water, organic virgin shea butter, organic aloe vera, unrefined rosehip seed oil, organic unrefined avocado oil, vitamin E, glycerin, vegetable emulsifying wax, aspen bark extract, essential oils of Bois de Rose & Rosa Damascena.