100% natural beauty care hair product

Gentle Rosemary shampoo is produced from rosemary hydrolate and other plant extracts, which strengthen hair, promote growth and reduce hair loss. Gentle, natural, skin and hair sparing lathering substances are used as a substitute to conditioners to make your hair smooth, soft and easily combed. 

Protects hair from city pollutants and UV radiation. This shampoo may be used for years without substitution. It is especially valuable in treating prone to loss, sensitive hair.


Application: apply to wet hair and rinse after 2-3 minutes of gentle massage.

GENTLE ROSEMARY shampoo - 500 ml

  • Composition: rosemary water/hydrolate, non-ionic and amphoteric lathering ingredients from coconut and sugar products, extracts from olives, moringa, padauk and honeysuckle, vegetable glycerine, glycogen from seaweed, pure and natural vitamin E and natural preservatives.