This includes every care item in your bathroom: the best care for face and body - luxurious, caring and natural. 


1. Oil or emulsion based CLEANSER/MAKE-UP REMOVER

2. Simple, yet miraculous CLAY-WASH

3. Natural face SCRUB/EXFOLIATOR

4. Fruit and clay face MASK

5. Herb/Flower water TONER

6. Rejuvenating SERUM

7. Cream or Face oil MOISTURIZER

8. EYE area cream

9. Natural, handmade SOAP

10. Natural, handmade SHAMPOO

11. Natural, handmade HAIR CONDITIONER

12. Body SCRUB

13. Body LOTION

14. Natural DEODORANT

15. Natural TOOTHPASTE

16. Natural CANDLE


In addition:


- 2 sponge pads for cleansing

- little bowl for mixing the clay 

- spatula(s)

- natural, refreshing wax melt


- surprise

Natural Daily Home Spa & Care

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