Carrot phytol (Daucus carrota) is especially suitable to restore and maintain skin's elasticity, also helps heal scars and stretch marks. Especially suitable for mature, dry skin, it can be used instead of face cream.

Genuine traditional oily extracts are produced in sunlight, with the process of extraction lasting up to three weeks, and the raw materials swapped three times. For this reason it is not easy to find an oily extracts' producer using historical method - by macerating in the sun.

The long process of maceration begins with the chopping of herbs and placing them in dark glass jars. Then this raw material is covered with oil and left to stand in sun for 5-7 days. Then this batch of herbs is removed and the second one is placed in the jars and covered with the extract and some fresh oil. When the concentration of active plant ingredients becomes sufficient, the extract is poured out; herbs are pressed to remove the remaining oil, which is then filtered.

Phytol CARROT - 30 ml

  • Ingredients: Jojoba oil *, Daucus carota sativa root. * – Organic ingredients