100% natural sugar scrub lips with sugarcane particles, natural oils and vitamin E.


Take good care of your lips because the skin here is extremely thin and sensitive. This lip scrub will help maintain healthy lips: organic sugarcane particles gently masage, clean and activate the blood circulation of the lips, while natural oils and vitamin E instantly nourish thin lip skin, protect from dryness, enrich with antioxidants, and protect against harmful environmental influences.


Application: with a tip of your finger, take a small amount, gently scrub on the entire surface of the lips with gentle, circular motions.


The most pleasant part: you can liiiick the scrub off with your tongue - it's made from only natural ingredients and is so delicious that you will want to use it as often as possible :)

SUGAR lip scrub with vit. E - 12 ml

  • Ingredients: cane sugar, shea butter, castor oil, hazelnut extract, vitamin E, guggul extract, vanilla extract.