Quality toothpaste with mastic & spearmint.
Mastic: Nature's miracle. A natural product of Chios, unique in the world, known from the ancient times for its therapeutic properties. Scientific research has proven that mastic has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties in conjunction with the rest of the toothpaste's active ingredients, means strong teeth without cavities. Clinical research has shown that mastic oil reduces drastically the plague in the gums and prevents new one building up, offering excellent tartar control. It also attracts the white blood cells, increasing drastically the natural defence against gingivitis providing healthier gums.
Spearmint (organically  grown): With spearmint flavour for fresh, cool breath.

Toothpaste with pure mastic oil and bio spearmint

  • This special toothpaste whitens and fortifies the teeth, prevents decay, prevents tartar formation, protects and strengthens the gums, kills the bacteria and microbes. Made in Greece.