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    Rich & creamy Virgin Cocoa butter enriched with Sweet Almond, Peach Kernel and vitamin E for that extra special nourishment.


    * Made with virgin organic cocoa butter - retained all its natural healing qualities;
    * Enriched it with Sweet Almond & Peach Kernel to help restore & balance dry or inflamed skin;
    * This creamy cocoa butter blend is a fantastic moisturiser for hands, body or even feet (don't forget to put some socks on);
    * It is also excellent as a body moisturiser for most sensitive skin (no essential oils);
    * It makes a truly natural 'bump butter' for mums-to-be too, as it helps to prevent stretch marks;

    * This Virgin Cocoa butter is a real butter - contains no added water or fillers; depending on temperature, it can be a little hard to start off with, but simply take a small amount, let it melt in your hands, apply to skin and enjoy its rich natural scent. 
    * For best results, apply on your skin straight after a hot bath or a shower & enjoy its buttery consistency soak in quickly.

    Please keep cool & away from direct sunlight, as warm temperature can make this product melt.

    Virgin COCOA butter with SWEET ALMOND, PEACH KERNEL & VIT. E - 120 ml

    • Ingredients: virgin organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, peach kernel oil, vitamin E.