Suggested skincare ritual

Alive cosmetics are much more than just a cream. Skincare and beauty rituals always begin with proper cleansing.  



To reap the benefits of alive cosmetics, follow the skincare ritual outlined by experienced cosmetologists working in this field. Just four easy steps every evening will help to recover and maintain healthy and glowing skin:


1. Cleaning/Removing makeup


Cleanser/Makeup remover: oil- or emulsion based makeup remover perfectly dissolves makeup and all those impurities which have accumulated on the skin surface throughout the day, and is easily removed with a wet cotton disk.


2. Washing with clay 


Facewash with clay: clay particles swell in water, and bind together all impurities, toxins, excess fluids, which are then easy to wash off with water. Clay works wonders for the skin.

3. Hydrating/Toning


Facial toner: distilled flower and herb waters have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The toner moisturises, refreshes and tones the skin, strengthening the effect of facial creams.


4. Moisturizing


Face cream: when your skin is toned and still damp, apply the face cream of your choice.



Good to know:



* It is best to tone the skin with flower water (hydrolat) before applying cream - the active ingredients accelerate and improve absorption into the skin's deeper layers.


* Product should be applied on damp skin; mixed with water, a cream will be absorbed more effectively. 


* Because of its especially rich composition, a cream (or butter) for dry skin can feel heavier than a usual cream; the skin absorbs what it needs within 10 minutes, and any surplus can be wiped off with a paper tissue.


* It is best to use a spatula, rather than your fingers, to scoop out the product from its packaging. This way it will stay fresher for longer.


* Occasionally, skin that is accustomed to standard industrial products takes time to adjust to more rich, natural cosmetics; it can become irritated or itchy. If this happens to you, give your skin some time to detox.


* Products usually show the date of manufacture and an expiry date.


* The products should be stored at room temperature.


* You can spray your pillow with flower water every night - for calmer sleep and sweeter dreams :)