4 skincare ritual steps

This can be called an introduction to ALIVE cosmetics. Try out the products, learn about the daily skincare routine, enjoy the added benetfits of aroma therapeutic properties of the products, and leave with a shiny skin!


Cleansing / Clay face-wash / Toning/Hydrating / Moisturizing


35 min. / €39 



Facial care: Complete

After this complete facial treatment your skin will feel wonderfully clean, silky soft and nurtured; the added benefis of aroma therapeutic properties of the products will turn the treatment into indulgent experience, showing incredible results.


Cleansing / Clay face-wash / Scrub / Mask / Toning/Hydrating / Massage/ Nourishing with moisturizer and eye area cream


60 min. / €69



Facial care: Luxurious

Treat yourself with only most valuable and most effective natural products, containing the purest and most luxurious oils and plant extracts, enriched with active ingredients and vitamins. Pure luxury - regenerated, rejuvenated, firm and glowing skin.


Cleansing / Clay face-wash / Exfoliating / Mask / Toning/Hydrating / Serum / Massage / Nourishing with moisturizer and eye area cream / coplimentary hands, head or feet massage


70 min. / €79



Acne care: naturally effective

Ghassoul (or Rhassoul) clay - the magnificent Marrocan clay from the Atlas Mountains - is exceptional and known for its cleansing, soothing and balancing properties, healing even most sensitive and problematic skin. This clay is especially suitable for acne prone skin.

We don't perform any extractions from skin, we only use the natural products and trust them to reach desired results.


Cleansing / Ghassoul clay wash-mask / (Scrub - optional) / Deep cleansing mask / Application of balancing cream


35 min. / €39 



Aroma therapeutic facial massage

This deeply relaxing treatment with stunning, pure aromatic substances will soothe your skin and recharge your mind.


Choice between:

a) aromatic, soothing Galenian cold cream (THREE ROSES cream, LINDEN BLOSSOM cream or NEROLI cream) OR

b) cosmetic elixir (JASMINE, ROSE, VANILLA, NEROLI, GARDENIA or COFFEETREE BLOSSOM elixir - powerful aromatic substances, full of natural antioxidants)


40 min. / €49



Aroma therapeutic full body massage

Indulge yourself dearly with complete aroma therapeutic massage, starting with amazing facial massage (read above) followed by relaxing full body massage, using deeply relaxing and soothing techniques.


Body massage, using aromatic natural cold-pressed oil blends OR aromatic MONOI de Tahiti - in additon to aroma therapeutic facial massage (above).


75 min. / €99



Full body exfoliation

This treatment is an experience on many levels: deep cleanse, rejuvenation, skin nourishment, aromatherapy, relaxation and recharge. 

Quiet ambience with candles, private treatment room and area, fresh and nurturing skincare products and professional massage therapies.


Warm bath with sea salt or aromatic bath oil (if desired) / gentle body exfoliation using light brushing techniques / warm towel wipe off / body cream application in combination with relaxing massage / gentle facial exfoliation / warm towel wipe off / application of facial cream in combination with relaxing facial massage

Complimentary thee and healthy snacks 


120 min / €139



Deep tissue body massage

If you have (chronic) muscle tention or pain, or recover from an injury, this massage will ease these simptoms and restore normal movement. 


Using natural massage oil, this massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.


55 min. / €59



Relaxing body massage

In a calm and cozy ambience, with aromatic and clean burning candles, this gentle relaxation massage, using smooth, gliding techniques, will help you to deeply relax.


Using natural massage oil, this relaxing body massage promotes relaxation and well-being.


60 min. / €69



Anti-cellulite massage

This treatment on affected areas, using special intense massage and lymphatic drainage techniques, will help to remove toxins and reduce appearance of cellulite, increase blood circulation and improve the skin (and body) condition. 


For optimal result, this treatment is coupled with natural and active anti-cellulite body oil, enriched with cosmetic caffeine and combination of eucalyptus, black pepper and ginger essential oils.


40 min. / 49 (each subsequent session with 10% off)




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